Manny Rivera III

Manny Rivera discovered his talents on his family computer while programming, tinkering, and of course by breaking it. He’s now been in the business for almost 20 years. Manny later progressed to high school where he attended Howell Cheney Technical High School in Manchester, CT. There he earned his Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and the honor of being one of Connecticut’s youngest certificate holders by the age of 17.

After he graduated he went on to work at numerous data centers across the state, working with major companies like Cigna, UTC and even Microsoft as a consultant. In 2007 Manny along with his wife Diana, created the MD TECH TEAM. The MD TECH TEAM prides themselves as an expert in the creation of Joomla websites.

In 2014 Manny Rivera was honored as one of the 100 men of color as well as receiving a Mayors Citation for serving the community in business and leadership. Following that, in 2016 Manny Rivera was honored as one of Hartford Business Journals 40 Under 40. Since then, the MD TECH TEAM has created over 300 websites and currently manages 250 sites.

As of recently Manny has been focused on blockchain technologies and the advent of cryptocurrencies. Currently he is acting as a Sr. Partner for Coinbridge Partners LLC. A company that focuses on client relations in the buy/sell/mine sides of crypto transactions.

When Manny isn’t focusing on business, he enjoys spending time with his family and reading to expand his knowledge on personal growth.