Understanding Off Site SEO

We’re your friends that help you with tasks to improve your website’s rank. These tasks include keyword and website optimization, business profile development, link portfolio development, and many more. We’re here to help you learn the ins and outs of SEO. This includes learning factors such as on and off site SEO.

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Its been awhile since I last did a Crypto Video...

Hey Everyone!

It seems like forever since I did a video or blog about Crypto.  It feels like a lifetime because the last 2 years have felt like an eternal downward spiral.  My last video I posted I believe was back in 2017 when all was glorious and I (along with a lot of my crypto buddies) thought that the world was on the verge of converting to using digital assets.  Man were we off on our timeline lol.  So in this video I kind of reminisce and talk to and welcome the new folks entering the crypto realm.  I talk about the 3 things that I would have told myself back in 2017 and as I mention in the video below are some helpful links and resources involving crypto currency. 

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SEO Is Well Worth the Wait

Why SEO Is Well Worth the Wait

According to one Forbes article, even the best SEO strategy can take up to six months to start working. The keyword here is “start.” This often comes as a surprise to business owners who expect immediate results.

In many of these instances, the business owner worked with black hat SEO specialists in the past. These people often take advantage of entrepreneurs by using bots to generate inauthentic website traffic. The traffic footprint this yields provides no actual benefits. The hits aren’t from real people visiting. Even worse, Google penalizes websites when it discovers this.

Another potential reason is that business owners may not fully understand how the search results ranking system works. Frustrated with the long SEO timeline and few results to show for it in the first weeks or months, many business owners abandon it. They then move on to something that yields more immediate results, such as PPC or social media ads. Companies that do this, however, miss out on the gift that keeps on giving with a solid SEO strategy.

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