SEO Is Well Worth the Wait

Why SEO Is Well Worth the Wait

According to one Forbes article, even the best SEO strategy can take up to six months to start working. The keyword here is “start.” This often comes as a surprise to business owners who expect immediate results.

In many of these instances, the business owner worked with black hat SEO specialists in the past. These people often take advantage of entrepreneurs by using bots to generate inauthentic website traffic. The traffic footprint this yields provides no actual benefits. The hits aren’t from real people visiting. Even worse, Google penalizes websites when it discovers this.

Another potential reason is that business owners may not fully understand how the search results ranking system works. Frustrated with the long SEO timeline and few results to show for it in the first weeks or months, many business owners abandon it. They then move on to something that yields more immediate results, such as PPC or social media ads. Companies that do this, however, miss out on the gift that keeps on giving with a solid SEO strategy.

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We now offer Financing...

Do you have a website or need a new website but it is "just not in the budget"?  Well, the MD TECH TEAM is now in a position to help.  We have recently partnered with Kabbage, a company that helps small businesses with funding up to $250,000.   They have small minimum requirements that most business that have been around for a year will meet.  They offer the lowest funding options on the net and can really help you expand your business.  With this new partnership you can gain access to funds that will allow us to create the website your business deserves.  With this new injection of funds into your business you can focus on a marketing plan that will really drive traffic to your website and help build your online audience.  They have flexible payment options and with a 10 minute approval process.  You can even get an idea of what your payments would look like (check out the loan calculator here).  I know for our business we have taken a small business loan out to help with our growth.  This is a great solution for any business that would like to pay over time for their new website.  Click the link below to get started.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us as well.

Should I be using a CDN?

Should I be using a CDN?

The most fascinating add on to your website is whats called a CDN or a Content Delivery Network.  This adds a layer of protection to your website, and it is FREE!  You can add a lot of the tools provided by CDN Networks to your website tool arsenal.  CDN's are good with regards to your website getting indexed by Google and other search engines.  When your site gets connected to this type of network,  the content of your site is sent to several data centers and offers users a high availability and higher performance.

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Small Business SEO Specialist

Is this a problem your company is experiencing? Sadly, many entrepreneurs and small company owners do not understand that once your fantastic web site is built, prospects clients simply won't realize it exists. Not until it's properly internet search engine optimised that's. So how can you get people to locate your website on the second or first search outcomes page of Google, Yahoo! or Bing? The response to that question can be very intricate. This is why most company owners invest in internet search engine optimization agencies or specialists to increase their web site internet search engine visibility which will generate more sales leads.

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