Should I be using a CDN?

Should I be using a CDN?

The most fascinating add on to your website is whats called a CDN or a Content Delivery Network.  This adds a layer of protection to your website, and it is FREE!  You can add a lot of the tools provided by CDN Networks to your website tool arsenal.  CDN's are good with regards to your website getting indexed by Google and other search engines.  When your site gets connected to this type of network,  the content of your site is sent to several data centers and offers users a high availability and higher performance.

CDNs serve a fraction of the Internet content today. Text, images, and site pages are cached all on the CDN. CDN network increases page speed. The site pages are cached irrespective of where they're on earth. Almost all these kinds of networks operate as an application service provider that this is known as ASP on the web also known as on demand software or software as a service.

By sharing its vast resources among a lot of diverse client web sites, a CDN derives the economics of scale because various sites experience demand peaks of higher number of users visiting your web site, this unexpected demand for multiple occur at different times. CDNs are used also to soak up this unexpected demand for multiple sites.

With regards to security, CDN's ensure that your site has an extra level of protection.  CDNs can absorb any web based attack ensuring that your site doesn't go down.  Most CDNs use SSL or Secure Socket Layer which is the standard protection technology for establishing an encryption connection between a secure connection and keeps your client's data safe from tracking and tampering.  Be sure to use a CDN if you are looking to increase your online presence and protect your website.  If you are not using a CDN or not sure how to set it up, contact us and we will gladly assist.

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