Its been awhile since I last did a Crypto Video...

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It seems like forever since I did a video or blog about Crypto.  It feels like a lifetime because the last 2 years have felt like an eternal downward spiral.  My last video I posted I believe was back in 2017 when all was glorious and I (along with a lot of my crypto buddies) thought that the world was on the verge of converting to using digital assets.  Man were we off on our timeline lol.  So in this video I kind of reminisce and talk to and welcome the new folks entering the crypto realm.  I talk about the 3 things that I would have told myself back in 2017 and as I mention in the video below are some helpful links and resources involving crypto currency. 

Purchasing Bitcoin:

Large Amounts (15k or more):

If you are looking to purchase large amounts of Bitcoin (15k USD or more), I can help you facilitate that through my company Coinbridge Partners LLC.  We have direct relationships with regulated OTC desks and we can help provide same day delivery of your bitcoins (Monday - Friday 9am to 4pm). KYC and AML forms must be filled out.  No anonymous purchases as the OTC desk is regulated and must report.

Smaller Amounts

Coinbase is great if you are looking to get started and don’t know how.  Here you can purchase up to $500 instantly with a debit/credit card (company permitted).  Once you have made your fiat deposit you can convert to several different crypto currencies on Coinbase.


Coinbase Pro:

This is the professional version of Coinbase allowing you to purchase with no fee.  Simply sign up and wire money to your account.  This platform acts more like the traditional financial trading platform like eTrade or Ameritrade.  This platform includes a “Level 2” and charting unlike the regular coinable.  Limited on the number of ALT coins offered.


This is one of the biggest exchanges in the world.  Binance offers access to a multitude of ALT coins and offers a hole slue of functionality when it comes to trading.  They also offer education as well as other lending products.

Hard Wallets (Cold Storage)

Trezor - This was my fist hardware wallet and is great!  The Trezor one holds ALT coins but the Trezor does not with out a software wallet attached like MEW

Ledger Nano - This is a great hardware wallet for holding your alt coins

Earning Crypto:

Earn Free EOS from watching these simple videos!

Earn Free XLM from watching these videos:

Learning To Trade:

Crypto University -

These times can be tough and the waters can be choppy but just remember "A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them. Leave your comments below:

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